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The community in Port 57 truly makes it different. We’ve got a great location on sunny Albert Road in Southsea next to some great pubs, cafes, restaurants and pubs but it’s our people that make all the difference. You’ll make  great group of new friends that’ll help you create awesome projects.

We have a fast fibre-optic connection with Virgin Media, with a backup fibre-optic line provided by BT to ensure we always have a connection. This is delivered via a commercial-grade wi-fi network. Typically each user at the studio can get a 30-35MB download speed.

Unfortunately we don’t do traditional hot desking – everyone at Port57 has taken a full-time desk and made it their own! It’s far more cost-effective per day and enables us to create a real community feel to the space.

All equipment on site is covered by our comprehensive insurance policy. If you have a specialist or expensive piece of equipment that you would like to leave on site, please contact us so we can itemise it with the insurers. If the equipment is very expensive we may have to pass on the additional insurance cost to you, or specify that you would need a separate policy.

The studio is open 8am – 10pm everyday and newbies to the studio are not initially granted full 24/7 access. Once you’ve been there for 3 months you can apply for full access which is granted at the discretion of the studio.

Your desk space at Port 57 costs £200 per month. There are no additional charges and we throw in a load of freebies along the way. To see what’s included, click here.